The 4Inno Project wants:

  • to strengthen international cooperation USA – FVG region as a synergistic approach between national policies and the European Union to reduce fragmentation of the resources
  • to support the creation of a joint program between innovation and technology transfer between the research and the enterprise.

The Project 4Inno was divided into two distinct actions:
1. preparatory activities
– desk analysis and mapping of applied research strategies in business and innovation
– finding best practices among USA and FVG research entities to identify areas of mutual interest
2. workshop: “Innovation Forum: Driving change for USA and Italian Innovation systems: finding best ways to learn from each other”
The capitalization of the results of 4Inno takes to the second phase of the initiative named 4InnoPlus
4InnoPlus Project wants:

To implement an ICT Innovation Platform (Innovation Platform FVG) as a useful tool for dialogue between US research facilities and FVG for the enhancement of results

Expected results

Identification of 5 specific thematic areas:

Advanced Materials – The future impact of advanced materials on society
The study of advanced materials, given the major impact they will have on the future economy,
environment, human health and quality of life, is one of the most important and exciting fields
of current research. But at the same time the introduction of such materials will face substantial
challenges. Production processes must be re-conceptualized and implemented; acceptance of
these materials by the general public is not guaranteed and their introduction into society and
culture requires new approaches and standards.

Climate change’s impact on agri-food: how science can help
Climate change generates pressure on ecosystems with increasingly acute consequences in
agriculture. This is particularly evident in developing countries where drought and the changing
salinity of water are doing making its effects more significant, but even in Europe and the United
States the problem is already causing serious consequences on agricultural production.

ICT and Cognitive Web Intelligence
How cognitive computing will change the way we live and work
Will the Internet of Things change the world? Advances in technology are helping us infuse
intelligence and processing power into everyday objects, advances in communications allow us
to interconnect these objects, and advances in analytics and cognitive computing allow us to
interpret information from these objects. The adoption of cognitive computing in the public and
private sectors will be affected both by technology’s evolutionary paths and trends as well by
external forces (society, perception, policies etc…). How can we keep pace with these dramatic
and rapid changes (?)

Life Science and Health
Ageing and health, a major challenge for scientists
In the 21st century one of the most significant population trends is ageing. Currently, over 11%
of the world’s population are people aged 60 and older and the United Nations Population Fund
(UNFPA) estimates that by 2050 that number will rise to approximately 22%. A number of health
problems become more prevalent as people get older: ageing is the main risk factor for most
degenerative conditions, including neurodegeneration (Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s), heart failure,
blindness and hearing loss. How will research enable society to better face this challenge?

Logistics and infrastructures
The Free Port of Trieste as the north-Adriatic gateway for the development of Central and South-Eastern Europe”
Development of multi-modal transport infrastructure and the exploitation of Trieste’s unique geographical position as well as the special conditions of its Free Port make Trieste and its regional logistic network the most suitable gateway for enhanced trade in both directions between the USA and the core of Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe, including the powerhouses of European manufacturing Mittel-Europe and emerging Eastern economies.

Identification of
– 3 or 4 potential flag projects as a result of the forum and dialogue opportunity and the possible implementation of a FVG – USA collaboration program
– investment opportunities both in terms of meeting, venture capitalist, infrastructure, new economic activities.



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